Diamond and Gemstone Treatment and Princing, 7th November 2017

Richard Drucker GG, FGA (Hons), President, Gemworld International


I have attended workshops/presentations by Richard Drucker and as always his presentation was very informative and enjoyable.


At this workshop we gained a deeper understanding about how treatments affect the prices of diamonds and coloured gemstones. It also highlighted the importance for valuers to be vigilant about the possible treatments knowing that price adjustments need to be made. Richard also covered important information about the possible discounts below Rap and the complexities of grading coloured diamonds.


I am aware that the Academy of Valuers organise regular workshops to educate valuers in order to maintaintheir knowledge, accuracy and professionalism. The workshop was well organised and the attendees also had the opportunity to network with like-minded people, and also ask the organisers who are experienced valuers any questions that they may have during breaks.


Michelle McCormick FGA DGA 



The Academy of Valuers is a long awaited resource centre for Valuers and jewellery professionals.


There has been a gap in the market for training of jewellery professionals. A single day’s training which is really good value and accessible too. The Academy of Valuers has provided a valuable resource for Valuers wanting to keep their knowledge up to date. The gemstone treatment course by Dr Çiğdem Lüle PhD, FGA, GG (GIA) was a brilliant day. It was informative and full of relevant information with a good of opportunity for hands on work.  A well balanced day. I am looking forward to the next one. 


Mary Bellefontaine



The Academy of Valuers have launched with a couple of lectures in London. I booked immediatley to go on both of them. Çiğdem Lule the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable of tutors, gave us a full day of education in gemstone treatments. Taking us through the history of treatments, with particular concentration on the more recent processes that are being used. Çiğdem talked, always without the use of notes, because this is her passion and her background is impeccable for giving any lecture on coloured stones. After hearing all about the various affected coloured stones we might find, we then had over 200 stones with various treatments, that we could use the microscopes to identify and gain confidence in our working lives. The meeting place was great, being in the heart of the Hatton Garden area. It was wonderful being with like minded people, being taught by the best in the world. Who could ask for more.


Alan Hayes



What a great day and half day listening to two experienced tutors Dr Çiğdem Lule and Kym Hughes bringing us all up to speed with gemstone enhancement treatments and opals with a great stock of samples for assessing and commenting. Many thanks, looking forward to next one!


Graham Tom



Thank you to Çiğdem and everyone who organised the courses for the past two days. The Gem treatment course was very interesting and invaluable for the future.


Alison Fitzgerald



Opal Workshop

with Kym Hughes FGA FGAA, Queensland, Australia

The Academy of Valuers organised a very popular half day Opal Workshop on 27th April 2017 in London.  It was reasonably priced at £75 including lunch and I was delighted to secure a place.


There were two sessions morning 10-2pm and afternoon 1-5pm, the sessions overlapped 1-2pm during lunch where the morning and afternoon guests could network and catch up.


The morning session was very popular and the venue had to be rearranged to be held at larger premises at Remark Ltd, Leather Lane. I arrived at 1pm and, after walking through the aroma of the amazing street food being prepared on the stalls in Leather Lane, I was ready for lunch. The morning group, just finishing, were all enthusiastic, recalling what an informative workshop it was


After lunch we (the 'afternoon group') walked round the corner to the original venue, above Tim Bicknell's shop in Hatton Garden. Where we were met by our host Tim and joint organiser Shirley Mitchell


Firstly Kym took us through the theoretical side, the history, mining, grading, markets and pricing along with in depth details of the different colours and patterns etc. We then had an opportunity to handle and examine a large variety of Opal to see firsthand the different types, colours, patterns and inclusions, as well as treatments and synthetics etc.


I am sure I am speaking for all who attended when I express thanks to our host Tim Bicknell, and to Shirley Mitchell and all at the Academy of Valuers and last but not least to Kym Hughes for sharing her knowledge and bringing such a large collection of examples literally half way round the world for us to see!


Susan Pennington


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